Hazet 5109VDE VDE torque wrench

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Hazet 6690 Mechanical angle dial 1/2"
With flexible magnetic holder for the fixing point
with Square male drive 12.5 = 1/2" (or 20 = 3/4") and tools
with Square drive 12.5 = 1/2" (resp. 20 = 3/4")
Drive: Square, hollow 12.5 mm (1/2 inch)
Output: Square, solid 12.5 mm (1/2 inch)
Net weight: 0.29 kg
Hazet 6690 Mechanical angle dial 1/2"


Torque wrench 5000 VDE

2 – 25 Nm ∙ VDE-tested ∙ tolerance ± 4 %

Product information

  • Can be readjusted and recalibrated
    Possible repairs to the VDE torque wrenches in the HAZET Service Centre
  • Long life / accuracy through the option of:
    - Disassembly
    - Adjustment
    - Repair (if necessary)
    - Calibration
    - Assembly
  • Suitable for control of inspection and test equipment
  • Sustainable and environmentally sound
  • Fine scale graduation with vernier scale
  • Locking against unintentional adjustment of the setting value
  • Safe torque release:
    - palpable (close gap release)
    - audible ("click" sound)
  • Right/left release by square box wrench,
    thereby tightening at torque setting both to the right and to the left within the specified tolerance
  • VDE-tested
  • Use of sockets from other manufacturers is possible, provided they conform to the standard IEC 60900:2012 or DIN EN 60900
  • Low weight for good handling and fatigue-free work

Product design features

  • Slim design in strict accordance with the required insulating properties (material strength/overlaps)
  • Smooth transitions on switching and moving parts with ergonomic handle design and calibration notch
  • Uniform look even when using other components (e.g. red insulated sockets)
  • Attractive colour design of the housing and head with established VDE signal colours red/yellow
  • Handle colour in black to make a distinction with the colour and to prevent it appearing dirty quickly
  • No disturbing projecting parts (e.g. shift lever)
  • DIN EN ISO 6789-2:2017, Square according to DIN 3120, EN/IEC 60900
  • Made in Germany
  • Total length: 305 mm
  • Output: Square, solid 10 mm (3/8 inch)
  • Net weight: 0.64 kg

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