Upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 38/2 Adv

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Upright brush-type vacuum cleaner CV 38/2 Adv

A commercial, twin-engined upright vacuum cleaner with innovative, patented centrifugal clutch, 380 mm working width, stretch hose and telescopic tube to clean, comb and refresh the textile floors/ piles in hotels, boutiques, shops, showrooms, offices, stores, shopping centers and households.


Kärcher’s CV 38/2 upright vacuum cleaner is a lightweight, twin-engined machine with 380 mm working width which combines high suction power with a direct motor driven brush. Stubborn dirt particles, threads and hairs are dislodged from the carpet with ease whilst freshening up the carpet pile at the same time. Equipped with a wide, low profile brush head, the 38/2 cleans right up to edges and can operate completely flat for cleaning under furniture and beds.

Indicator light
  • The indicator light shows when the roller brush needs to be adjusted to achieve optimum cleaning results.
Highflex power cable
  • The yellow Highflex cable is extremely tough, flexible and anti-twist. It can be securely attached to the machine.

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