Safety vacuum system NT 45/1 Tact Te H

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Safety vacuum system NT 45/1 Tact Te H

Handy, commercial wet/dry vacuum cleaner with innovative, patented, auto filter cleaning system - Tact - and completely equipped with accessory. With stepless speed control, tele-electronic socket with On-/Off-automatic for power tools. These versions accord to all European standards and therefore they are qualified and licensed for suctioning of harmful dusts of dust class H incl. asbestos.


The powerful and extremely robust wet/dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with a world-wide unique, highly efficient, automatic filter cleaning device which allows the pick-up of huge quantities of fine dust with constantly high suction performance without interruption of work. The safety vacuum cleaner is equipped with the antistatic system (grounded until suction hose connector) and electrically conductive accessory. Through the grounded connection port electrostatic charge will securely be deduced. The charge of the accessories through friction of dust inside the hose and the therewith combined sparking can safely be avoided with an electronically leading suction hose. The whole machine including accessory is equipped for dust class H and qualified and licensed for the suction of asbestos,as well. Also applicable as wet vacuum cleaner for the absorption of liquids.

Hose selector switch
  • The diameter of the connected suction hose can be selected on the control panel.
Approved for asbestos dust
  • Only dust class H safety vacuum cleaners approved with the additional test for asbestos (according to TRGS 519) may be used for dust containing asbestos in Germany. Our H class safety vacuum cleaners have this approval.

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