HDL 8000 SST DG - The solution for lifting

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HDL 8000 SST DG - The solution for lifting from transporters to light trucks

NUSSBAUM developed 2-post lift POWER LIFT HDL 8000 SST; with an enormous lifting capacity of 8000 kg; lifts safely the wide range of vehicles from small passenger cars up to large transporters or mobile cars.
The HDL 8000 SST in details

    Security and synchronization with the Safety Star Technology
    Shut off bar on top
    No ground connection
    Double-jointed arms
    Fast lifting and lowering
    Low maintenance and almost wear-free cylinder

The carrying arms:

    The symmetric double-jointed arms are roller-beared and telescopic guaranteeing an exact positioning to the individual pick-up points, even for small passenger cars.
    Thanks to the optional MINI MAX adapter with a capacity of 4200 kg, the double-jointed arms are really universal and can lift the smallest cars. With an adjustable range from 85 mm to185 mm the lift with MINI MAX is ideal for small cars and vehicels with low clearance.

Function & Safety

SST – Safety Star Technology, Satety in every lifting highs!
Due to SST (Safety Star Technology), a patented safety system, the load in each working height is secured mechanically. The lifting units move synchronized, controlled by proportional valve technology. The Safety Star Technology controls the synchronicity of the lifting units exactly to 1/10 millimeters.

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