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Lack of adhesion, dust, fish eyes and other problems on coated surfaces are usually the result of problems in the compressed air supply. These mistakes are expensive. They can be avoided with 100% technically clean air. ITALCO offers the solution with a high quality, durable filter system.

Compressed air requirements are not always as high as required in the body shop. As a result, ITALCO filters are designed as a modular system so units can be specifically combined to meet any requirement.

Our knowledgeable distributors and dealers will be happy to provide advice.
Please use the ITALCO air quality test kit to evaluate compressed air quality. Helpful tips can also be found in the compressed air adviser.

You can fill any need from our product line: from oil and water separator with particle filter to the fine filter, from the activated charcoal filter to the super fine filter. 

Triple stage filter unit complete with fine filter and activated charcoal cartridge with air outlet module

a perfect solution for dry and clean compressed air

Economical combi fine filter unit for highest air quality requirements in paint spraying as well as for fresh air supplied breathing systems.For installation in paint booths, preparation and other workshop areas.

Benefits and specifications


  Excellent compressed air quality - removes oil, water and particles

  Double or triple filter units for the ultimate compressed air purification

  Activated charcoal filter cartridge (third stage) removes oil vapours and odours from compressed air for breathing purposes

  Large, highly functional, durable and wear and tear resistant filter components

  No desiccant related disadvantages

  Fully automatic condensate discharge valve

  5 micron sintered filter and 0.01 micron fine filter provide 100 % technically clean air

  70 cfm (2000 Nl/min) air flow capacity - sufficient air volume to supply two spray booths simultaneously with sprayable and breathable clean air

  Air inlet G ½ inch internal thread; air outlet G ¼ inch bsp external thread

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