H-3000 L.V.M.P spray gun

Price : Rp 2.500.000

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Paint-saving efficient top coating spray gun

Atomization Technology:L.V.M.P

Use for: topcoat / varnishes

Nozzle size(mm): 1.0 /1.3/1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0/2.2

Optimal working pressure: 2.5bar/36psi


Paint-saving and efficient top coating spray gun

Meet the needs of the present and the future

The enhancement of a premium class product - the "Super Saver" paint spray gun fan for car refinishing and all surfaces requiring the best finishes

Spray stream:

  Newly developed nozzle concept for even higher color match precision and homogeneous material distribution

  Wide and even fan for higher work speed

  Perfect for the application of base- and clear coats

  Even better surface quality for spotless finish

  Finest material atomization

  Ensures excellent painting results 

Chrome Fever:

High-Brilliance Gun for Brilliant Results

  Fully chrome-plated paint spray gun

  Chrome is wear-resistant and retains its value

  Chrome is corrosion-proof – even with waterborne materials

  Chrome is as valuable as gold – both visually and technically

  With its elegantly refined finish you will always make a brilliant appearance

Chrome Finger:

  The Perfect Extension of your Own hand

  A well-balanced gun in state-of-the-art design

  Perfect ergonomics for fatigue-free work, e.g. optimized center of gravity, lower triggering forces

  Every step turns out just right: easy handling and operation

Designed for the Future:

  Top class premium technology "Made in America"

  Easy cleaning and servicing

  Chrome-plated gun body

  Replaceable air distribution ring

  Self-adjusting packings

  Low-noise spray fan

  Safety due to quality check: piece by piece

  No chance for copycats:

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